Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are fine and doing well. Things have been busy around here the past few weeks.

We've had some things done around the house and Dear Younger Son and I have been doing some cleaning of the garage! As I type this out, I am waiting for the sounds of the heavy trash truck running through the neighborhood. I'm praying that they bring an EMPTY garbage truck with them. We've got lots of recycling sitting at the curb as well as some honest to goodness junk. I'm feeling the bounce of a woman who lost a TON of junk out of her garage this morning!

This weekend is the baby shower for my Dear Older Son and Dear Daughter in Law. Little Grandson is due in about 6 weeks!! The two Grandmother's are hosting the shower and we're both very excited for our Dear Children as they learn what it is to love their very own child. There is nothing like it, is there?

Dear Hubby is excited to meet his grandson too, and has enjoyed watching the little mommy's tummy grow!!! He has been spending lots of time in bed, as he grows weaker physically. But it seems that the Lord keeps encouraging our hearts and giving us a reason to smile and a hope to hang our hat on. The Lord has blessed us with visits from our Pastor as well as some very dear and close friends. Having someone to love you is such a blessing.

And, we are excited for Dear Younger Son, who began work this week in his chosen field. He is a certified EMT. He picked up his uniforms yesterday, and today, he begins his first few ride outs. He will be riding an ambulance with a supervisor for two or three shifts and then after that, he'll be riding with his partner. Very exciting times for him!!

Praying all is well with my caregiving friends. Many blessings for a great week!!!


WhiteStone said...

Sounds as if your lives are busy and full in spite of Hubby's illness. Grandchildren! True blessing from God!
Tell your young EMT that I highly appreciate that profession...took a 65 mile ambulance drive last year and I felt safe and secure in that fellow's care.
God bless your family as you continue to live and grow in Him.

Grammy said...

Hello, Paula,
I, too, appreciate the care given by EMT's. I had four rides last year in an ambulance. It was not a piece of cake because three of them were a distance of 200 miles. I know you are happy to have the garage cleaned out, too. What a Job! Congrats on the upcoming birth of a grandchild! There is nothing like it.
Much love to you and yours.

wannabe crafty said...

Paula I wanted to ask you a question. Since my mother in law has passed and we are now full time caregivers for Pop, no one comes by to visit him. Before all of her sisters and family were always here. We have only had a handful of visitors since January. My sister in law comes every other weekend and she sits for us sometimes when the kids have a program. How do I go about telling them that he was a part of the family too. He needs his friends and family. We have our friends and I can see where it is bothering him. if you have any advise I would be grateful.
God Be with You and Bless You