Thursday, July 22, 2010

Turn Around

Yes, honesty IS the best policy!

Sharing your heart, with pure motives, without ill intentions, regardless of the pain inflicted is a good idea. My openness has brought about some changes. I'm not saying that I made the changes, but sharing my heart brought about some open dialogue and for that I am grateful.

Dear Hubby and I are experiencing a new found love and respect for one another. Openness, sharing, love and respect are good things in a marriage, in sickness and in health.

Can I offer one piece of advice?? If you and your ill spouse are having marriage issues because of the illness, please speak up. Please reach out for help. These are big things we are dealing with in this life as a caregiver. Let's not make it more difficult than it already is.

And, here is a big (((((HUG))))) for all of us on this road with our spouses. May we find the gifts amidst the pains, may we reach out for the life lines when we are sinking and may our love and respect grow in new and meaningful ways.

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