Sunday, February 8, 2009

Caring for more than your spouse????'s been a week. My mom has been down with her knee. Sunday, I had to call my sister to take mom to the hospital. I didn't have anyone to leave Dear Hubby and Dear Younger Daughter with. She was having really bad knee pain and her knee and the bend of her knee were really swollen.

They did x-rays and said she had arthritis in her knee and needed to stay off it for 2 days and then she could go back to work. She did, kind of.....which means, I was waiting on her and Dear Hubby! She went back to work Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday afternoon, she came home and her knee was in BAD shape. She didn't tell me. But she rested with it up. Around 6-7, I realized that she was really favoring that knee more. I looked at it and it was HUGE. The entire leg was swelling. So up on the couch again but even with it up, throughout the night, it got bigger and bigger. I thought it was a blood clot and took her to the ER again. (This time, Dear Older Son was home and could stay with Dear Hubby.)

Ultrasound and x-ray show that she has arthritis, bursitis and a Baker's cyst. The cyst is leaking causing the swelling. But should resolve itself. She had to sit with her leg above her heart so that the leg can drain back toward the body and her body can get rid of it. She was down for another several days, unable to do anything for herself or to help me like she normally does. So, I was back to doing everything!!

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours. She is doing SOOOO much better today. She was actually up and walking around and didn't have any pain. The leg still has a tiny bit of swelling, but it's so much better!! She's going to her Dr. for a follow up tomorrow. Hopefully, she'll be able to get back to her regular schedule.

I hated to see her hurting so terribly. I did my best to wait on her, but honestly, she doesn't like it!! She is so used to being the one doing the waiting on someone else. We never knows what lies ahead.....but we have to learn to take one day at a time.

We're all hanging in there, aren't we???

3 comments: TN said...

Paula, I know the feeling of waiting on TWO people....but both of mine were MEN...LOL You remembet my son broke his leg right before Christmas? He is walking on his own now, and gone back to work. that is a blessing. Now I'm back to one! Hope your Mom feels better soon!

W. Latane Barton said...

Having had knee pain myself before knee replacements I can really relate to what your Mom is going through. I sure hope she is better soon.

Grammy said...

Dear Paula,
My regrets for your extra care-giving. I have heard that what does not kill us makes us stronger. I suppose we are getting stronger, then? thank you for your constant support!