Saturday, February 21, 2009


Copied from my quilting blog.......

Yesterday, my plans were to spend time working on the secret project, but life interrupted. I got a phone call that Dear Older Daughter was in a wreck. I went to pick her up and call the wrecker service, set up the repair, etc. As we pulled away from it all, I decided she needed to go to the hospital.

She banged her head and shoulder pretty badly, and while she was dazed at first, she seemed to be better. Once we got into the van and started driving, she became dizzy and nauseous. A quick (6 hour) stop at the ER, one CAT scan and some x-rays....we're a tired bunch around here today. Thankfully, Dear Older Daughter has some bruising and is REALLY sore, but honestly, we have so much to be thankful for!!!

We will find out over the next week the total damages to the car. Hopefully, it can be repaired.....and not totaled. Aren't we grateful we have full coverage?? is really worth it, not to mention the fact, required!! LOL

Off to get a haircut today, and I'll be enjoying some wonderful singing this afternoon. Dear Older Daughter, Dear Younger Son, Dear Friend of the Family and Dear Future Daughter in Law are having quartet practice here at our house!! Yay, I love hearing them sing. They will be singing at a local church glad I'll be able to hear them, even if I can't go to the service with them. Life is good.


Grammy said...

Dear Paula,
I was so sorry to read about your daughter having the wreck, but so glad that she had just bruising and soreness. We are so blessed that the Lord looks out for us, aren't we? My daughter, Carol, lives in between Ft. Worth, and Dallas. I know from your blog profile that you live in Texas, as well. It must really be nice to have people in your family who sing in church, too. My daughter has the blog, Carol Bennett, listed in my blog. Her husband has Mulitple Myeloma, and is battling it, but is still working full time.
It is wonderful to be able to chat with you, even if only by comments.
Ruby TN said...

Oh Paula, I'm glad you daughter wasn't badly hurt. I hope she starts feeling better real soon. Your talking about singing remined me of my siblings when we were growing up. We used to sing together all the time. We sung in church about every Sunday. My sister played the piano for the church to sing when she was 9 years old. She barely could reach the petal on the piano. I took piano lessons and taught her the notes and it wan't long until she was playing circles around me. I remember Daddy bought her an accordian for Christmas one year, and she played it the first time she picked it up. I miss singing.
Enjoy your family as they practice! I think that is wonderful!