Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finding Daily Respite

Everyone knows that a care giver needs time of respite. We needs breaks from the demands of being constantly on call. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could take a 4 day break every month or so to get away and refresh? Most of us don't have the time, back up caregivers, money or energy for that, but we can take a daily respite. There are days that my Dear Hubby doesn't need me as often, and those are the days that I find time for short respite.

Today, I took a three hour nap. Like an old family friend once told me, if you slept, it was because you needed it. I also sewed a bit on a few quilt blocks. Yesterday, I took my oldest daughter out to a late lunch. Sometimes, I get Dear Hubby settled in bed, water on his side table, remote control in hand, and say, I'm going to go in the other room and read some quilting blogs. Or sew a bit. Or when the weather is a bit warmer, I sit outside on the deck and drink a cup of coffee or Dr. Pepper. I have taken time to write a note to a friend, listen to music, read a book, or walk to the mail box.

One day soon, maybe in January or February, I'm kidnapping a girlfriend, and hitting the road. I'm taking a respite trip for a few days. The last respite trip I took was August 2008. That's too long!!! So until then, I'll make do with a few hours or even minutes here and there.

So, what do you do for a daily respite? Share your ideas.


RuthAnn said...

Taking time for yourself is so important! I'm very happy that you are planning to get away and I hope it is everything you need.

As for daily respite - I am a full time caregiver so I do not leave the house for many days at a time. But I do make sure that I take the time to fix my hair and makeup like I always have...because it makes me feel better :) And I always have my music on full blast while I am getting ready. Some days that is all I have for myself, but if I do find myself with a little "me time" I like to read or write, and I often call my mom (who lives in another state) and have coffee with her. I haven't quilted in a few years, but someday it will be back on my list... TN said...

I go to the Y once and sometimes twice a week...for one hour each time. I joined "Silver Sneakers" That is an exercise program for older people like me. I have found a lot of "relief" by doing that. It's the best "me" time I have.