Thursday, December 17, 2009

So, I just have to ask......

how has YOUR day been?? Have you had a rough time of it today? or have things gone smoothly?

I'll be honest, and maybe you'll feel free to be honest too. Today started off rather badly. I had plenty of time to get things done before heading out the door to spend time with my daughter, but something went wrong and then went from bad to worse.

It never fails....when I need to get out the door at a certain time, things always go wrong. My back has been bothering me the past few days and of course, this was the day that Dear Hubby needed to be transferred several times in a row. Ughh. So between painful grunts and whines, I was feeling the pressure build inside. Certain things around here can only be done by me, and when I'm not feeling 100%, well, we're just asking for TROUBLE!

And, then, literally 10 minutes before I walk out the door, we have a catheter issue and everything has to be changed. I was NOT happy, and everyone knew it. Dear Hubby was snappy, Dear Daughter dawdled, couldn't find her shoes and I was time pressured!!! I left the house with a bad attitude, snapping at my hubby and my daughter.

Of course, ten minutes down the road, I felt HORRIBLE. I did have a nice time out with Dear Daughter and when I got home Dear Hubby and I both apologized for our ugly words, sharps tempers and bad dispositions. And, of course, I apologized to my daughter.

The day has ended well, though. And, we're all on speaking terms....nice speaking terms.

I need to remember to plan better, prepare for last minute hang ups and most of all, remember to cut myself some slack, forgive myself and try again.

And, remember, tomorrow is a brand new day!


RuthAnn said...

Your day sounds a lot like mine. We were 30 minutes late getting out the door yesterday, even though I had planned ahead and started getting ready much earlier than normal. But things always come I was short with my husband, and snapped at my poor little dog :( We all made up by the end of the day, but I felt awful for my behavior.

Sometimes the stress of being responsible for every single thing we do just gets to me. We're only human after all.

Grammy said...

Dear Paula,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It has been awhile since I came to see you, because (1) I have had a lot of illness this summer due to gall bladder surgery gone bad (mine) and am just now getting back up to speed almost. and (2) I had not seen anything posted on your blog for awhile each time that I checked.
I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. My husband is not nearly as incapacitated as yours (yet) but I can certainly sympathize with you. It is difficult to be cheerful sometimes, isn't it? I think of you often. Love,

WhiteStone said...

I was just praying this morning for my own lack of patience in dealing with a family member who needs my help. And it is not as if I need to be there 24/7 as yourself. No. It is not very often at all, and yet my impatience pains me so much. Why can I not do this with joy? Perhaps my impatience is my 'thorn in the flesh' to keep me well reminded that my own good works are nothing...that without God's good grace, I am lost indeed. (big sigh here!)