Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finding the good.....

it's not always easy, is it? It's not like we need to just get over the fact that our loved one is sick and be happy. When you are a caregiver, almost every moment is consumed with illness, pain, suffering and difficulty. And, it can be an emotional drain.

My last post, I discussed my resolutions, and honestly they are my attempt at finding the good and learning to enjoy the little things. I doubt I will ever be that light hearted, silly, happy go lucky girl I once was, but I want to have a grateful heart. I want to enjoy the days I'm given, even if they are difficult. And, that may just mean that I will have to search harder and harder as Dear Hubby's disease progresses.

He is spending more and more time in bed, he is feeling bad most days and is getting weaker, but one thing I am grateful for is that I do get to spend time with him. I am able to be home with him, talk with him, laugh with him, have a cup of coffee with him, kiss him, hug him and just be with him.....that is truly a blessing.

We lost a dear friend at Christmas time, and I have thought about how empty it must be without him in the home. Yes, they are grateful his pain is over and would never call him back, if they could.....but I know they miss him terribly.

I am given this day to be with my sweet heart and I am grateful.

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