Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another milestone has been reached....

Today Dear Younger Son and I went to the garage and brought in the Hoyer lift that has been in storage for about 2 years. When we first got our 6 weeks worth of training, bed baths, and a hospital bed 2 years ago, (paid for by Medicare, only because I asked for it) the medical supply company also sent out a Hoyer lift. Medicare paid for part of it, and we paid the rest. And, for two years it has set unused in the garage. Way more trouble than it was worth.

But, recently Dear Hubby has gotten weaker and weaker, and some days he cannot lock his knees when I pull him to a standing position. When that happens, there had better be a wheelchair or bed behind him.

Last week he and I discussed that as he got weaker and was unable to support his weight, we would have to make some changes. And, as things have turned out, those changes have come a bit faster than we thought they would.

So, this morning, we used the Hoyer lift to get him transferred from his bed to the wheelchair. A few bumps on the road, but over all, it went smoothly. I can operate the lift all by myself. Rather nice. And, he and I both felt secure that he wasn't going to fall.

And, now we are looking online for the conversion kit to make the lift electric. Using the Hoyer in manual mode (as paid for by Medicare) quickly makes you realize "this ain't gonna get it". Conversion kits run about $700. A small price to pay, perhaps. But ugh. Medicare isn't all it's cracked up to be, but of course, anything is better than nothing.

Now on to the next set back, adjustment, retraining, and finally another new normal. Ever increasing disability leads to learning new things, retraining your brain and adjusting to the new limitations.

Of such is life, when dealing with chronic progressive illnesses.


WhiteStone said...

So sorry to hear of progressive weakness for your Hubby. Thinking of you from Iowa...

Natalie said...

Dear Paula,
I'm glad I found your blog.
I've been a spousal caregiver for the last year and I can relate to everything you are saying.

Darlene B said...

Paula - I've been watching for a quilt blog update, and finally decided to check this blog because I was getting worried about you. I'm sorry to hear that your DH is getting weaker. Praying that God continues to give you strength in your role as caregiver. I'm assuming by now that your new grandchild has arrived...boy or girl? :)
Sending hugs,
Darlene dsb448@att.net