Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grace and Peace

I have been amazed at the transformation in my life over the past 11 years since diagnosis. I've been through denial, guilt, anger, frustration, depression, heartache, turmoil, and fear.

Elisabeth Elliot once said, In acceptance lies peace.

I struggled for many years in wishing things had turned out differently. I felt we had been robbed. I felt cheated and sometimes even abandoned by friends, family and God. I was alone and lonely.

And, then slowly, ever so slowly over time, I came to accept this life. I came to accept this illness. No, I don't like it. I hate MS. But it is what it is. And, God has allowed it. I've come to rest in the fact that nothing happens by accident. I've come to see that all things are in HIS hands. And, in this acceptance, I've found peace. And, I found HIS grace to be sufficient.

I don't always feel this way. Some days you might see me and question my sanity, but under it all, there is a sense of peace.

HIS hands are on me. HE loves my sweet hubby more than I ever will. HE has my children in HIS hands. And, I can rest. I can rest in HIS grace and peace.

Praying for grace and peace for each of us, every day.

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WhiteStone said...

Bless you. I believe, in my own cancer diagnosis, and in my hubby's equally bad diagnosis, we are still safe within God's hands. He has us here, walking this particular path, for a purpose. We are having to deal with serious issues (wills, plots, plans) and having to deal with a more serious issue (loving each other with Christ's love). This has brought a renewed gentleness between the two of us. I want to hang on to this time with Hubby as long as I can. Each moment is precious.