Monday, March 7, 2011

Too many sickies.....

Our younger son, who still lives at home has been running a fever since Friday. He went to the "Ready Clinic" on Saturday, to get a doctor's excuse to miss work. He has to be back at work on Tuesday, but alas, he is still sick. So today, he went to see his PCP. It's official, he has the flu. He begins Tamiflu as soon as we can find a pharmacy that carries it. It's in high demand here.....

And this morning, our youngest daughter woke up running a temp (101.5). And, now she has an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Our oldest daughter has decided to move to another location, as prevention. She has a tendency for bronchitis and pneumonia and doesn't want to get sick. On the plus side, she will be making store runs for us, keeping the pantry stocked so that I can cook some yummy stuff for the family.

The "kids" are in isolation, but since I'm caring for them both, chances are pretty good that I will get this. And, if I do, I'm hoping my son will be able to care for me. Maybe I won't get it. That sometimes happens. Right?

And, we're all praying that Dear Husband doesn't get it. He is in a weakened condition. It could very easily go south for him.

And, you're probably thinking, Why doesn't he take the flu vaccine?

He doesn't because there is a chance he could get the flu from the shot, and he can't run a temp or things get really bad. Flu vaccines aren't all that accurate either. They only prevent what the CDC thinks may run through the population that year. It can't prevent every type of flu. We take our chances.

So if you think about us this week, please pray.

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YankeesFan said...

Always praying for you...and please know that I am here when you need a friend!
Love you!