Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting it all done.....

I have lots to do everyday. We home school our youngest child. (The older three have graduated.) I have laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, cooking, meal planning, prepping for visitors, not to mention caregiving. There is shopping, balancing the checkbook, helping our adult children with decision making, investing in relationships, answering e-mails and teaching our youngest daughter how to keep a home.

It's a huge responsibility.

There have been times when I haven't done these things. A time when I was so "under the circumstances" that getting out of bed and brushing my teeth were just too much. I remember a time, not too long ago, when I felt very overwhelmed and frustrated.

But once I dealt with the emotions of caregiving, being a wife and mother, the loss, the grief, etc. and once I learned to accept things the way they truly are, once I learned gratefulness and got in shape mentally and emotionally, I've been able to deal with life once again.

Sure, I still get overwhelmed. And, I still get frustrated. But, I am able to do the things that have to be done. I am no longer non-functioning.

And, now I even have energy and time to do the things I love. I've started reading again. And, I've started quilting too. And it feels really, really good.

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WhiteStone said...

I know your days must be incredibly busy. It is good to read this post and hear that you are managing well. Bless you!